My name is Tom. I am going to record here stories from what should be an incredible and daunting adventure: my Tour d’Afrique (TDA), biking the length of Africa, 12,000 kilometers from north to south. My trek begins in mid-January in Cairo. If all goes well, I will finish in Cape Town in mid-May.


I am doing this with TDA Global Cycling. They’ve been running this event for almost twenty years. You can find out more about them by clicking on the TDA link above. I’m also using this trip to raise funds for WaterAid, a charity that does incredible work throughout Africa. Find out about my fundraiser by clicking on the WaterAid link above.

This is a story about crossing boundaries, literal and metaphorical. It is about the reasons we travel: every voyage is a voyage of discovery, of the other and of oneself. These voyages have no age expiry date. At seventy, one can be as captivated by wonder as at seven. It takes the magic of place to turn the key of wonder. As with any true voyage, the challenges will be many and there are no guarantees. Regardless of how far I manage this, the important thing is setting out.