Circle of Life

It’s almost three months since the end of the Tour.  I thought I might gain some perspective but things haven’t turned out the way I thought they might.  In March I took a brief break from the expedition to return home and celebrate my mother’s 100th birthday.  She was in fine fettle.  When the local … Continue reading Circle of Life


Cape Town!!  I have been on this bicycle trek since mid-January when we started in Cairo. On that first day, the thought of the end appeared distant and impossible. In fact, thinking of the end would have made the daily routine impossible for the only way to proceed was to keep oneself as rigorously as … Continue reading Arrival


It is inevitable that over a prolonged and demanding trek like this ailments and accidents will happen. As Jen, our medic says, we are pushing our immune system to the max. The most common illness has been some form of gastric disturbance, which were quickly resolved. A couple of the riders were taken to local … Continue reading Accidents

Mental Toughness Redux

It was the day after “208”, the longest ride of the Tour. We were facing 162 kilometers, long enough but we were happy for the 40+ kms shaved off the previous day’s ride. The early morning was cold, the air grey and heavy with a dense mist. Some way along I caught up with a … Continue reading Mental Toughness Redux


The other evening we crossed the border into Namibia. The ride was the longest of the whole Tour: 208 kilometers. Like much of our journey through Botswana the road was a flat, straight road stretching endlessly to the horizon through an arid landscape of shrubs and small trees. Our route is home to an array … Continue reading Numbers

A Day In The Life

What’s it like to ride day after day often for long distances (over 150 kms)? Each day is different depending on terrain, elevation, wind, local culture, human interactions, as well as how rested you feel and how well you are in yourself. Yet each day there is an unchanging bedrock experience. It seems commonplace to … Continue reading A Day In The Life