TDA (Tour d’Afrique) despite its francophone moniker is a Toronto based company. It organizes adventure bicycle tours around the world. The African tour is its original one and among the most challenging.

As I was considering whether I should undertake such a venture I met with some of the staff. They were uniformly helpful but very open and honest about the challenges. I went back a second time to meet with Henry Gold, one of the founders of the company. An impressive man, and as you’d expect-lean and wiry even at his post-retirement age. He remains as passionately committed to cycling as ever. He is a laconic man not given to effusive philosophizing, but one senses in his enduring passion a spiritual engagement that needs constant honing by the challenge of the road.

Since registering I have also been mightily impressed by the thoroughness of their preparations with regular bulletins on matters vital to each of us riders. I spoke with previous participants of the tour and they were uniform in their praise of the organization.

You can find out more about TDA here: Tour d’Afrique