At Toronto airport, all checked in and ready to fly off into the unknown. As I was lying in bed very early this morning thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have just another ordinary Saturday home day: a nice cup of coffee, the weekly visit to the organic market to shop and shoot the breeze with friends, visit with children and grandchildren, maybe taking in a movie, there was this other thing tugging at me in equal measure of anticipation and apprehension. I thought then of the notion of possibility. Even a couple of years ago if someone had talked to me of TDA I would have said, that’s amazing and immediately dismissed it as a possibility for me. It would have struck me as beyond the pale of who I was and what I could be capable of. More than the physical rigours, it was the idea of putting oneself into so much that was unknown that would have seemed impossible. Yet here I am. So even at my age, the boundaries of possibility are not fixed and immutable. They can shift and expand.